Practical travel advice for Vietnam

Vietnam combines the characteristics of Chinese and French architecture, coupled with a very rich agricultural product and a low price index. In recent years, Vietnam has gradually become a tourist destination for many people. The following 9 points must be paid special attention:

  1. Pay attention to your belongings. If you have expensive watches or buy high-end technology products, mobile phones, cameras, wallets and technology products are all. When you are ready to use your phone or camera, remove them immediately and store them in your bag immediately. Do not put your phone or wallet on the table, especially some small restaurants.
  2. The street food in Vietnam is very rich, sweet, spicy and smoked. It is recommended to bring anti-diarrhea drugs before departure.
  1. Learn to ride a motorcycle, otherwise you will not be able to walk. Therefore, don’t entangle your hair style anyway. Basically, you must wear a hard hat. Plus It is best to bring a mask, riding so many days of motorcycles, I feel that the amount of exhaust gas for several years.
  2. The order must be optimistic about the price. If there is no price on the menu, you must make a verbal question, otherwise it will be slaughtered in minutes.
  3. Take good medicine, cold, fever, anti-inflammatory, mosquito repellent, stomach medicine, don’t be less.
  1. Don’t think that Vietnam is tropical, it’s not cold, it’s cool at night, especially if you have to ride a motorcycle. It’s so cold and sour. Others are wearing a down jacket and looking at my shirt + beach pants, I am stupid. The consequences are: catching cold, catching cold and fever, respiratory tract inflammation, returning to the country directly as a quarantine as an infectious epidemic detained for inspection, all kinds of blood tests urine test, let me go.
  2. Sunscreen should be done well, don’t think there is no ultraviolet light on cloudy days. I only got rid of the skin in two days…
  1. Coffee is so delicious, but there are several kinds of Vietnamese coffee to drink. It is best to check it online first. In particular, the local milk coffe must first secretly learn how to force it, or else it will die without any defense.
  2. Please lower your expectations when you eat. Vietnamese food except for PHO is baguette. If you can’t stand it, you can eat western food. But if I come to Vietnam to eat Western food… PHO is very delicious, but I can’t stand it every day. There are lemons to add, but the peppers are not fuel-efficient lights, don’t be greedy.