12 Budget Tips from first timers in Seoul Korea

We exchanged ours at BDO SM Taytay (my wifes branch of account). I suppose most of the BDO Branches in Manila should have Korean won.

Lotte Mart is great for buying grocery items and food souvenirs. Lots of buy 1 get 1 chocolates ?

Oh! Like for example, how to spend korean won wisely, is food 3000 KRW advisable to spend in one meal? And, how much USD to bring, where to use it? Those kind of matter. Sorry for asking too much, please understand because it is our first time to travel outside the country. Btw, i am with just one friend.

Hi!Do you pre book your luggage from philipphine to 搜索引擎优化ul?

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6. Food is cheaper in non-touristy areas

Coron Travel Guide Itinerary and Expenses 4D3N

Uh, yes that will only be my pocket money if ever that is why I kept on thinking if it will be enough and I am now enlightened lol. And btw, am I still able to buy souvenirs if ever? And oh, I am planning on buying clothes there because I think its cheaper than here in terms of their styling, those jackets thing and whatsoever. Do you have any idea on how much would they cost? So that I can save more for my pocket money. Hehehe.

Our winter shoes. It kept our feet warm.

On our two trips to Korea, we booked months ahead and everytime there was a seat sale in Air Asia. But recently, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia are offering seat sales to Seoul/Busan even when travel dates are 2-3 months from booking date. So its a matter of timing too

Do you know if I can book without passport details? Or is it required? My officemates are scheduled to get their passport on November and December this year. Hehe

hello. im happy i found your blog. im planning to go to korea this year but im a bit hesitant. i havent found someone whos willing to go with me. any tips for those who would go for a solo trip?? and is it true some koreans gets aggressive to some foreigners (esp. females)?? what about communication, do u know how to speak korean or english will do just fine?? also im glad that your budget here is much much cheaper than what im planning to save, yay! this is really helpful. thanks.

More TIP: If going to/from Incheon airport to downtown Seoul and youre taking the Airport Railroad Express, a good option for budget travellers (and not in a bit of a hurry) is to take the all-stop train. The all stop train only cost 4250 won while the express train cost 14800 won. The time difference is not that much also as the all stop train travels at 56 minutes while the express is 43 minutes.

We didnt avail this since we only went to Gyeongbokgung Palace.

May nabasa ako dati na kahit 30k lang laman account niya na-approve naman sya so depende pa rin titignan dn kasi ibang details mo.

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N Seoul Tower; A Thoughtful View of Korea

There are spots in Seoul where you can fit Koreas traditional costume for free. In our case, we tried it in the vicinity of Gwanghwamun square.

DIY lang kami lahat. Ok lang DIY niyo na lang para flexible dn time niyo.

Hi Medz. When are you going to Korea? would love to meet you there! ?

Sorry, I cant help you with anything regarding with employment in Korea. I have no idea about that.

I would suggest to go ahead book those plane tickets especially if theyre really cheap. That way, when youre denied of a visa (which I hope not), it wouldnt hurt that much. I really wouldnt suggest to apply a visa just for testing if youll get approved. If it is for you, then it is for you I suggest that you focus on the requirements and be positive. ?

Before your flight to Korea, make sure that youve printed some of the promotions and discount coupons they offer to foreign nationals. Below are some of the links where you can print out these coupons. On our last trip we used discount coupons on entrance fees toKorean Folk VillageandPetite France. We also didnt pay any rental fee on the pocket wifi. Here are some of the links. Enjoy!

Hi!! I just want to ask you regarding on how to book cheap flights. i missed the piso fare thats why im losing a chance to go to korea but i just wanna know how many months did you guys booked before your said travel dates. Is it still possible for me to get a cheap flight for a peak season in korea :((

Hmm maybe you can just put his residential address and contact number here in the Philippines. Kasi kung yun sa address niya sa Korea eh work/business address na niya yun tama ba?

If you will be going Palace hopping i.e. going to Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung (including Huwon Secret Garden), Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung, and Jongmyo then its better to get the Integrated pass that costs 10000 won as opposed to buying the tickets individually which will cost you a total of 14000 won.

If husband is employed : Husbands Employment Certificate Original [must include position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number(cell-phone number is not allowed), HR e-mail address]

Thats ok, I like it when people ask me questions! Ok, let me try to answer your questions one by one:

We also didnt pay any rental fee on the pocket wifi. Can I ask how you managed free rental on the wifi? Btw, this post is very helpful!

Hello po. My friend and I are planning to go to Korea early next year but Im quit hesitant whether my visa will be granted or no. Kung sakali po na yung employment contract and bank statement lang yung ipapakita ko, malaki po ba possibility na mabigyan ako ng visa? Currently, Im working in Malaysia.

Here is our blog for our latest trip to Korea, maybe you can check the expenses summary and get some idea.

Also check if your hostel has free breakfast even if its just bread or coffee. You can ask them if you can take some with you outside especially if you are touring early in the morning and have no time to eat in the hostel.

12 Budget Tips from first timers in Seoul Korea

Hi. My officemates and I are planning to fly to Seoul September next year (2017). I just want to ask when you booked your second flight, the one worth 5560 all in. Ive been waiting for Air Asia to have that kind of seat sale again for us to score cheaper plane tickets. Thank you!!

Hi! Were visiting in Seoul on Feb 2017. Ive completed our itinerary so we can budget our pocket money. Any tips on how much per day is safe to allot for food? Thanks!

You can find cheap clothes at Dongdaemun and Namdaemun market. We scored some tees there for 2000 won only. Womens accessories and fashionable clothes atEwha and Sinchon area. There are also cheap accessories and cosmetics in Myeongdong and in subways.

Re Jeju Its ok if you have the time and money ?

Many of us think that we need loads of money to travel in Korea. That is not entirely true because you can travel Korea on a budget. Onour 2015 trip, we spent a total of P22649.82 including airfare, andaccommodation(but excluding shopping and souvenirs) per pax for 6 days. On oursecond trip to Korea(winter of 2016), we only spent P23116.42 all-in including the usual like airfare,accommodationplus skiiing,DMZ tourandTrick Eye museum. For me, this figure is just ok. Its not that high, but not that low either. This figure can definitely be lowered by following the tips I listed below. Just note that some of the items listed below are things we have done and would have done if given the chance again just to lower our expenses.

12 Budget Tips from first timers in Seoul Korea

Hi ulit kuya, DIY po ba pagpunta niyo sa petite and nami? Or ngavail kayo ng package tour? Which is better kaya yung DIY or e avail na lang services ng tour guides? ☺ plan po kasi namin Nami island, petite france and garden of the morning calm in 1 day lang.

3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)

Original Personal or Husbands Bank Certificate [must include account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average balance (ADB)]

Its better to be prepared. BDO has some good PHP-KRW rates but I think you have to be an account holder and exchange it in your branch of account (thats what they told us and thats what we did).But dont change your entire travel fund to KRW, buy some USD too.

Top Seoul accommodations as recommended by travelers

8. Go Museum Hopping or anywhere Free

For a list of top recommended accommodations in Seoul by travelers, check thispostor search and compare pricesherefor more hotels/hostels in Hotels combined.

More info between the two cards and others here:

2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture

Haneul Park; From wasteland to Heaven on Earth

I think 10k wouldnt be enough if youll include shopping expenses and that depends what youre shopping for. If you want jackets, you can check out Dongdaemun and Dongmyo market. I bought a jacket there for 7k Won.

Read here for our VISA guide – /

You can see, your mom can submit her own bank statement. Just make sure it has adequate balance to prove she can travel in Korea.


TIP: You would need a multi-voltage travel adapter in Korea as their outlet has two round holes. Instead of buying one, you can just borrow one from your hotel/hostel. More detailshere.

I dont know about that, but they will normally bump you when youre in their way. But dont be mad about that, thats just the way they are.

Based on my observation these past few months, the airline that offers the cheapest rate from Manila to Incheon is Air Asia especially during promos. On our trip last September, we got round trip tickets at 7203 all-in (base fare at 5638 plus seat reservation fee, processing fee, baggage allowance) per pax. But on our future second trip, I booked a round trip flight at 5560 all-in (base fare 4340) cheaper than our first flight. However, they dont have direct flights to Busan. So if Busan is part of your Itinerary, then you can try Cebu Pacific if they have promos. In any case, you can just go by train from Seoul to Busan ?

No need to book a posh Hotel in Korea unless you really want to. But for budget travelers like us, a Hostel is fine (read our review of Zaza Backpackers Hostelhereand our review of Hotel Mauihere). We initially planned to book inAirbnb(a much cheaper alternative) but since it was the height of the Mers-cov disease in Korea, we opted not to (better safe than sorry). Of course, there are other options like couch surfing, house-sitting, staying in relatives (if you have one in the host country) or staying at Hostel dorms (Check outKimchee Guesthouse. You can stay in a dorm room for as low as 10k won a night) but it all depends on your comfort level. For us, we wanted a little bit of privacy so we booked a private room with own toilet and bath.

Hi! We are planning to go to Korea too, I read something about wifi rental, but you mention about not paying rent for the wifi pano po yun? what did you do? how didi you do it po? did you have to buy sim card? is it expensive? because everytime we go to HK we always buy sim card, and when we went to SG we bought sim card too. but I am interested with the wifi rental so I dont need to take out my sim anymore. thank you.

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Hi? I want to work in korea. but its quite difficult I think ? Do i need visa going in korea? if its ok if I pass my cv if Im holding a tourist visa only?

Hi! I would like to know how to use the discount coupons on the sites you shared. Should I just screenshot it and print? No registrations or downloading needed? Thank you!

Myeongdong is a tourist hub so prices of food there cost higher than other areas. If budget is a concern, walk a little bit away from the tourist spots and check if there are small eateries or street food there where locals eat. We found that university areas like Hongdae is cheaper and areas where there are less tourist spots like Dongmyo. We ate a big bowl of noodles (good for 2-3 persons) for just 3500 won and 5 pcs steamed dumplings for just 2500 won in Dongmyo area.

Update: Forget buying USD. PHP is so weak these times against the dollar, so just bring KRW or PHP. If you need to exchange your PHP to KRW or vice versa in Korea, you can check out KEB bank or I think any banks there. Just check if they change it. We also saw money changers in Myeongdong that changes PHP to KRW.

For electronics, you can try Yongsan Electronics Market though we didnt go there.

Hi! I came across your blog because Ive been searching on applications and tips for Korean Visa. Ive read every single comment however I felt a strong need to ask you personally on what your thoughts are regarding my situation. So my mom and I are planning on visiting Korea on June next year and were ready to book plane tickets (we luckily found a promo) but the problem is were torn if we should book first or apply for a visa. The problem is, it takes 6 months before you could reapply and its so hard to book a flight without reassurance of getting approved. Also, its gonna be my first time to travel out of the country if ever but based on what Ive read it doesnt seem to matter a lot to them whether youve travelled a lot or not but it would still be a plus, i guess? So Im thinking if we should actually apply for a visa now to see if were qualified. Since its only valid for 90 days, we will just apply for another one when June is near. Do you think that sounds good? Also, do you know if they will grant another visa to those who were granted before but wasnt able to use their visas? Or were there like instances that they were granted before and then denied the second time they applied? Hope you could reply to this asap. Thanks!

Hello, good day po! I would just want to ask regarding visa application for Korea. My dad works in Malaysia while me and my siblings together with our mom, a housewife, stays here in the Philippines. One of the requirements for application is the bank statement. Would it be possible if my dad would apply for his visa in Malaysia while we apply here in the Philippines? How about the bank statement we would be using? Would it matter since my mom is just a housewife? Hoping for you response po. Thanks!

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hi!i came across your blog and i need a lot of help..my officemate and i plans to visit korea around oct to nov 2017.this will be our first trip abroad and we dont have any idea what to do first. can u give us tips for this?like, passport frst or ticket?tips on how to be approved getting visa?tnx!