You are currently viewing Tokyo Adult Guide 18+ only activities in Japan
Tokyo Adult Guide 18+ only activities in Japan

Tokyo Adult Guide 18+ only activities in Japan

Tokyo Adult Guide 18+ only activities in Japan, Every adult must go to Tokyo once. why? Why? ? Because the world of adult adults in Tokyo is really! fine! color! Yeah! I don’t want to explain too much. Please buy tickets for adults who are 18 years old or older. The first stop will be Shinjuku Kabukicho.

Tokyo Adult Guide

Tokyo Adult Guide 18+ only activities in Japan

Tokyo Adult Guide

1. Night Pu Shinjuku Street

Shinjuku Kabukicho, Japan’s most famous red-light district, there are countless enthusiasm pimps and unintentional cases that make you want to move around. Unexpectedly, it means free, but it’s not really free. Of course, it’s not a big wave of pimps. Just over the street to catch the little fat sheep slaughter.

Tokyo Adult Guide 無料案內所

Li Xiaomu, who has been in Shinjuku for many years and is known as the Kabukicho case, said in a media interview that a large part of the fraud was planned by Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans. He also advised everyone that “you are not If you speak the language, don’t come to play!”

Tokyo Adult Guide 歌舞伎町一番街

But as adults, how can we easily cancel Kabukicho’s itinerary before we look at this Tokyo adult guide?

Do not encourage everyone to venture into these customs shops, but definitely encourage you to participate in the “Shinjuku Night Tour” experience when you go to Japan, go shopping with yourself, and be pegged by pimps, it is better to come to someone to lead the way, familiar with the local guide tell you a story.

Tokyo Adult Guide

There are many stories about Shinjuku, such as the customary tactics of custom shops. The pimp who claimed to be a free agent pulled the fat sheep and said that he could help find Japanese girls. As a result, after entering the store, he would receive 30,000 yen for a cup of wine, one cup, and one cup. Finally, the girl did not see it. It consumed 200,000 yen.

Tokyo Adult Guide

So, how to avoid these pimps who are not doing anything wrong? If you encounter such a dress on the right side of the picture below and have been asking you if you want to be a big brother of a big-breasted sister, then you are likely to meet Liu Le You Mi or a real pimp, and you need to be cautious.

Tokyo Adult Guide
Tokyo Adult Guide

However, when the geese came to Kabukicho, they felt that they only had customs shops and Niulang stores. It was too dirty. You look at your eyes wide, and there is also a style of painting that is self-contained. If you don’t shine, your eyes will never stop, but the restaurant is overwhelmed by many people.

It’s the “robot restaurant”, and the restaurant is not the first recommended restaurant on TripAdvisor because of the delicious food. Those who have been there will be dumbfounded and amazed by the bilibili decor and exaggerated performances here.

Tokyo Adult Guide
Tokyo Adult Guide

Suwon Hiko and Sasakawa Sakura have been filming, and fashion Bazaar has also taken Di Lieba and Wu Lei to take pictures, even the fruit stars Katy Perry, “Edward Scissorhands” director Tim Burton and other European and American big names have been famous. Come here.

The super-large robotic installations and the noisy cabaret performances will be staged one after another during your meal. It is ridiculous and grotesque, but it catches the eye and makes people look inconspicuous.

Tokyo Adult Guide 18+ only activities in Japan
Tokyo Adult Guide 18+ only activities in Japan
Tokyo Adult Guide 18+ only activities in Japan

2. Late Night Dining streets

Wait, 18? In Japan, 18 years of age is not an adult, so if you want to buy cigarettes to buy alcohol you must be over 18 years old, because the RESIDENCE must order wine, so under 18 years of age is not allowed to participate. But it’s interesting to be able to buy adult publications and get married as long as you reach the age of 18.

Tokyo Adult Guide 18+ only activities in Japan

Say back to the izakaya, although seemingly inclusive, any guests will receive, but in fact, the house also has its own set of culture, for the blind guests are likely to suffer from the shop or other customers of the white eye. For example, ordering a drink is a must, a polite performance; although there is no explicit provision for low, most stores need a person to order at least one piece of food; do not enter the store to take pictures, especially with a camera, it is best to get permission from the clerk and so on.

The izakaya seems to have everywhere, in fact, more concentrated in the vicinity of the station, because many local wine houses are mainly Japanese guests, so there is not necessarily a Chinese menu, this time to order, it is likely that you will end up eating strange food, such as I went to Osaka burning shop blind ordered a piece of buckwheat noodles, The equivalent of going to the hot pot shop without ordering the bottom of the soup, only ordering the same side dishes.

If you participate in the Izakaya experience, there will be no such problem. The super-smart and enthusiastic person will take you directly to his heartful izakaya, introduce you to the izakaya culture, Japanese drinking habits, etc., you can learn once. A lot of things, you can lead the way to friends next time you come.

3. Ultra-mature experience, sneak into the winery to drink and drink

Still 20 forbidden, traditional Qing winery visit tasting tour. Would it be more mature to get up close and personal with the whole process of sake brewing and uncover the story behind the sake brewing process than to drink a full yhimta?

The answer is, not.

Because I have participated in a similar, not only immature but very interesting, every alcoholic friend will suddenly become interested in what, super-serious listen to the winemaker story of the curious baby, that moment will see from his face long-lost innocence. The winemaker will start with the fermentation of a grain of rice to talk about the process of brewing sake, and a little luck can also taste wines that have not yet been brewed, picked up directly from the wine barrel, with a distinct sweet sweetness.

Understand the complete winemaking process, will finally let everyone taste a lot of sake, each wine will be a good introduction to you, and then you will find that you do not want to buy any medicine makeup, because the suitcases are used to put sake.

4. Akihabara Street Racing

The above two are related to drinking, is the adult world can only rely on alcohol to paralyze themselves! ! Yes.

18+ only activities in Japan

Trick you, in fact, there are many adults in Tokyo who do not drink, because they want to soar!

Car! It’s the real version of the bubble go-kart, and in order to make the racing time more exciting, they will also dress up as Pikachu’s brother Pippi in itching, Super Mario’s sister Super Maria, Stieddie’s distant cousin Styre, and so on, so that the whole racing process of shame to come back to a bit more violent.

You can choose 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 5 hours of speed ingress, the top speed can be more than 60 kilometers per hour, some people are rumored to drive to Nagoya, probably just hearsay. A super-practical little Tip from a man who has played: windy at night, with a mask, to block the smell of diesel.

5. Go, go to the port area for some fun

The Port Area is a high-end pronoun, close to Tokyo Bay, not only sit-ins the foremost high-priced commercial areas such as Akasaka, Six-Wood, Aoyama, japan’s timeless classic landmark Tokyo Tower is also located here.

The best place in my mind to admire the Tokyo Tower is to stand in the Six-Manwood New Town Sen Building and even look out at Mount Fuji in the distance at dusk. Tickets are available for purchase for 1,800 yen.

Well don’t rush, eat enough to drink enough to take everyone to six wood big bet a! Warm reminder: Japanese law, in addition to public sports such as horse and lottery, any form of gambling is illegal. Big brother doesn’t call the police, we recommend is actually the casino – Back Door.

Back Door is one of the few entertainment casinos in Japan, famous, although do not bet money but the atmosphere and the real casino no difference, the same excitement, the same like the excitement of gamblers, after all, the props are real, people are easy to enter the play.

Come here must play Texas poker, although not the “gambling god” in Zhou Run factoid to play the kind, the same can shout “sunshine cold!” All in! , a lot of people or those who want to practice Texas Poker can come and play, because here you can teach everyone how to play and etiquette, and how to play psychological warfare with other players.

6. So cute, it must be a boy.

Akihabara, the ultimate pilgrimage site for the Otaku family! The maid’s coffee on the street teases your nerves, which one is good, which one is good?

Of course, it’s best to go to Dreamland, where you can book a photo service with a maid online, knowing that the maid’s coffee is absolutely no longer possible without permission to shoot the maid. Please note that guests under the age of 18 are not allowed after 11:00 PM.

If maid coffee isn’t enough to attract you, why try the fake maid’s coffee? NEW TYPE is a very hot fake coffee shop in Akihabara, although the pseudo-girl for many people is really a NewType, in fact in Japan, the pseudo-girl culture has been very mature.

For example, sexy things to do in Tokyo, do you know who is the hottest artist in Japan? It’s not the knobby or the Yuyao, but Matsuko Deluxe, Japan’s first pseudo-girl. Male audience like sage can talk about anything, girl audience like her three-view is superb. This is probably the charm of pine, but also the charm of most pseudo-girls.

Want to know the pseudo-girl culture, you may wish to go to the dream country maid coffee, and then go to a new type pseudo-girl coffee, compare, see which side more attractive to you.

The above-recommended adult guide japan play is basically can be reached by subway, has not bought a Tokyo subway ticket… Then you’re in luck.

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