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September holidays in Greece

Is September “the new July” for a holiday to Greece? After the hectic month of August, the rhythm slows down even in the most popular Greek destinations, but the summer mode is still on!

The weather in Greece is still sunny during September and the sea waters are warm and enjoyable. By the end of the month, the prices will have gotten significantly lower, even though hotels, restaurants and other facilities are still open. In addition, the atmosphere is more relaxed and as the crowds are gone, you will get a chance to enjoy popular beaches and other attractions without having too many people around.

Although September is certainly not a part of the high season, travelling is not that uncommon and all ferry and airline companies provide an adequate number of schedules. 

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On the Arios Pagos rock, near the Acropolis

Spending a long weekend in the Mediterranean city of Athens is always a good idea, especially when travelling during September, one of the best months to see the Greek capital! As soon as autumn arrives, the city regains its vibrant vibes and the empty streets of August start to get full of life once again, as the locals return from their vacation in the Greek countryside. With the weather still being great and without the temperature being high enough to make your walks around the city uncomfortable, this is perhaps the best time of the year to go hiking at the hill of Acropolis and the other archeological sites in the heart of Athens. 

In addition to the privilege of being able to explore the city without the trouble of unbearable heat that summertime visitors often have to deal with, the possibilities are unlimited: from open-air cinema or theater festivals and concerts, to art exhibitions and outdoor cafes or restaurants where you can enjoy the fantastic gastronomic scene of Athens await the late summer or early autumn visitors!

Keep in mind that September is often seen as an extension of summer and seize this opportunity to discover amazing beaches along the Athens Riviera in order to add a summerish note to your Athenian getaway. At the same time, the Saronic islands located near the city are just perfect for a day tour. Last but not least, it is not a secret that Athenians are still relaxed from their summer holiday season, practicing slow living and just loving their home city while being stress-free.

Where to stay:

Coco Mat Athens: This hotel offers luxurious accommodation in the city center, with some of the best urban views you could ask for! There is a roof garden with a pool from here you can see the Acropolis, as well as a restaurant and a fully equipped gym. Breakfast is also available, while the 5-star concierge service level cannot just go unnoticed!

Electra Metropolis Hotel: Fine dining experiences with Acropolis views and relaxing spa sessions are guaranteed at this wonderful hotel in the heart of Athens! Alternatively, you can have a refreshment at the retro lounge bar and spot the impressive artworks that adorn the room. Overlooking the cityscape, each one of the hotel’s rooms and suites has been designed to accommodate you comfortably in a stylish environment with a modern design.

Four Seasons Astir Palace: Find your dream seaside luxury in the excellent facilities of Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel, a few meters away from the beach. Surrounded by a dense forest of pine trees, this is a great getaway where you will find everything you may need for your stay. Feel free to choose among a variety of restaurants and bars or have a revitalizing treatment at the hotel’s spa center.

The Margi: This luxurious resort offers accommodation at Vouliagmeni. With a modern environment and a sophisticated design, The Margi ensures that all kinds of comforts will be readily available during your stay. Among other facilities, you will discover a swimming pool in a romantic setting, with luxurious sunbeds. A fitness center and a restaurant are also available.


Fascinating sea caves of Kleftiko, Milos

The latest trend that is taking over the travelling community is visiting some of the most popular Cycladic destinations such as Milos in September instead of the busy summer months. The beginning of autumn is as good as the warm summer days in terms of weather, while you also get to avoid the summer heatwaves. Another plus is that the most popular areas are no longer overcrowded and this can be a huge relief! The hotels and restaurants are still open and fully working and many tours are available as well. The absence of crowds makes the atmosphere more relaxing and adds a romantic touch to one of the most beautiful Cycladic landscapes.

> There is no better time to visit the lunar beach of Sarakiniko or swim at the sea caves of Kleftiko; this is as private as it gets!

> During your stay in Milos, we also recommend having a dinner at Akrotiri Seafood Obsession restaurant, where you can try the most delicious Mediterranean dishes with a creative twist while gazing at the sea! This restaurant specializes in seafood and fresh fish and offers a wide variety of dishes to keep your tastebuds happy. Only top quality products are used in each recipe. 

Where to stay:

Tania Milos: In a purely Cycladic setting and overlooking the peaceful sea, the rooms of Tania will become the perfect shelter for private and tranquil accommodation. Enjoy the Cycladic simplicity of an all white design and discover unique works of art in each room, as well as other typical Cycladic features such as built-in furniture. This is the perfect opportunity to wake up to the soothing sound of the waves!

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Preveli beach in south Crete

Another place worth visiting when the summer months are over is Crete, which has one of the longest high seasons in Greece. Due to the island’s southern location, the weather remains warm and so do the sea waters during the biggest part of autumn. Each year, from September up until mid or late October, the colors of local life co-exist with the island’s tourist-friendly character. This is the perfect time for long roadtrips to the mainland or hikes that will give you the opportunity to connect with the Cretan nature. You can also spend your days lazily relaxing on the shore of Crete’s remote beaches. 

> We highly recommend visiting the beaches of Elafonissi and Balos particularly at this time of the year so that you can enjoy them in a more chilled-out mood. Such areas frequently  struggle with over-tourism during the summer.

Where to stay:

Kalypso Cretan village: With such wonderful facilities, this hotel has rightfully earned its spot among the top accommodation options in Crete! Diving lessons, yoga classes, gym workout sessions and relaxing spa treatments will surely elevate your holiday experience. Kalypso Cretan Village offers a restaurant, a breakfast lounge, a swimming pool and business facilities and all of that while being located right by the sea, at an impressive mountainous setting, full of cliffs and rocks.

Koufonisia, Donoussa & Schinoussa

Swimming in the crystal clear waters of Kedros beach, Donoussa

Koufonisia, Donoussa, Schinoussa belong to the Small Cyclades island complex and recently they have been gaining growing popularity. (Un)fortunately the number of hotels and rooms-to-let on these islands is still small as they are unspoiled for the most part. For this reason, they get sold out for the month of August pretty easily and this can happen many months in advance! If you are looking for a chance to visit these small paradises of the Aegean Sea, then September is the perfect time for you! 

> Another advantage that comes with this decision is that the sea waters will probably be more tranquil and warm as soon as the “Meltemi” windy summer season is over. And above all, the end of the high season is always followed by a drop in hotel prices, which means that you can easily travel on a budget!

Where to stay: 

Teal Blue (Koufonisia): This hotel has a cubic, minimal design and it offers the most magnificent views of the turquoise sea. It is located in a serene area, only a few minutes away from the sea and the capital town of the island. In this hotel, you will have the opportunity to let go of all your worries and enjoy Cycladic simplicity at its best!

Dimitrakis guesthouse (Donousa): With its authentically Cycladic design, this small and cozy guesthouse will become your home away from home in Donousa. Spend your vacation there for a chance to experience the simple Cycladic way of life and have the most relaxing moments admiring the sea! Dimitrakis Guesthouse also provides a kitchenette where you can prepare your meals. 

Schinoza (Schinoussa): Offering private swimming pools for each suite and a calming all-white interior, Schinoza combines minimalism and luxury to offer an unforgettable accommodation experience. With a peaceful location in the middle of the countryside of Schinoussa, this place makes the perfect Cycladic getaway. Unwind and enjoy the beauty of the landscape!


Portara, thee landmark of Naxos

Naxos is the largest island in the Cycladic group and it definitely makes a great early autumn destination for the September holidaymakers. Its seemingly endless sandy beaches and traditional villages are extra charming at the end of the summer, while this is also the best season of the year to follow one of the numerous hiking trails and explore the Cycladic landscape on foot. In addition, Naxos is famous for its fascinating gastronomic scene and there is no need to worry, since all restaurant doors remain open during September. Reservations are recommended but not required at this point! Even though the island is still somewhat busy, the summer rush is certainly over and the relaxing atmosphere is accompanied by a drop in prices, as well as an increase in hotel availability. 

>Seize this opportunity and exploit the good weather to discover amazing spots all over the mainland of Naxos!

Where to stay:

Ayiopetra Exclusive Getaways: In complete harmony with its natural surroundings, this stone-built hotel incorporates a fresh take on Cycladic luxury. The traditional Greek aesthetics of the Naxian countryside are combined with modern touches to create a charming environment, along with genuine hospitality and a much-needed serene atmosphere. In addition, you will have a chance to try out some of the best local products!

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