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Best hotels in the Peloponnese

Peloponnese is a peninsula in the southern part of Greece and it is considered an ideal destination at any time of the year, especially for travellers who enjoy alternative vacation, road trips and exploring mountainous areas. Peloponnese is a place full of monuments of great historical significance, unspoiled landscaped, massive olive groves, picturesque towns and villages and well preserved architecture. The region’s landscape is a diverse one, featuring both beaches and mountains, rocky areas, lush forests, imposing gorges, deserted mountain peaks and more!

Most towns on Peloponnese are easily accessible by car and a trip from Athens International Airport is expected to last anywhere between 1.5 and 4 hours, depending on the location. Keep in mind that Kalamata, a city on southern Peloponnese has its own International Airport as well. 

Beautiful signature hotels are hidden all around Peloponnese, offering some of the country’s best accommodation facilities. Discover some of the options:

Kinsterna Hotel  

Offering magnificent views of the medieval town of Monemvasia and located only a few minutes away from the sea, Kinsterna Hotel is a historic mansion that dates back to the Byzantine era and has been fully renovated. The property also includes vineyards, olive groves and a garden with numerous types of herbs and fruit trees that the owners use to make their own traditional products to promote a self-sustainable living.

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Dexamenes Seaside Hotel 

Having undergone a radical renovation, an abandoned winery that was constructed in the 1920s was transformed to house the facilities of Dexamenes Seaside Hotel, on the seashore of western Peloponnese. The post-war wine factory is located on the endless sandy beach of Kourouta and its challenging reconstruction resulted in carefully designed wine tank suites, made of concrete and steel. A seafront villa and dining facilities with a seasonal menu are also available.

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Euphoria Retreat

Situated in the castle town of Mystras, Euphoria Retreat combines a Byzantine-inspired architecture and a philosophy based on a holistic approach to living.The hotel is surrounded by dense greenery and its modern suites have been specifically designed to help you unwind. In addition to its exceptional location and style, Euphoria Retreat offers a luxurious spa center, pools, fitness facilities and a fine restaurant, as well as a variety of activities for your well-being.

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Petra kai Fos

Living up to its name, Petra & Fos boutique hotel incorporates stone, the most ancient of all building materials, and vital sunlight into its design. The hotel is located in the stone-built village of Oitilon, overlooking the sea and blending harmoniously into its surroundings and the wild natural landscape of Mani. In addition to its traditional architecture, Petra & Fos offers a spa center, a swimming pool and fine dining facilities. 

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Costa Navarino

Costa Navarino is situated in Messinia, offering luxurious accommodation in southwestern Peloponnese. The hotel’s design has been influenced by the architectural style of old mansions, accompanied by a modern interior, carefully designed gardens and a large number of private or shared swimming pools. Among the hotel’s facilities, you will discover a spa center, as well as recreational facilities where you can practice sports and other activities. Fine dining restaurants are also included in the property.

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Constructed on the point where the rocky land of Mani meets the turquoise sea, the 19th century Kyrimai Hotel can be found in the old stone-built village of Gerolimenas. Offering great views to the tiny fishing harbor, the village’s abandoned tower houses and an imposing rocky promontory, the hotel combines a magnificent waterfront location with excellent facilities. The traditionally stone-built Kyrimai comes with a swimming pool and a restaurant where you can try local delicacies and other dishes. 

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Tainaron Blue retreat 

Nestled on a rocky hill and overlooking the sea, Tainaron Blue Retreat is located near the partially abandoned tower village of Vathia. The hotel itself will take you back to the past, since it is housed inside a 19th century stone-built tower. Its cozy suites have an excellent location, where you can enjoy stress-free accommodation and connect with the natural wilderness. The fortress-like tower’s interior has been equipped with modern amenities and an infinity swimming pool is available. 

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Citta dei Nicliani 

Situated in Koita, one of the oldest villages in Mani which dates back to the ancient times, Citta dei Nicliani is a traditionally-built historic hotel. The mid-18th century building complex is made of stone and it is a listed archeological monument, carefully renovated in 2011. It is named after Nicliani, a local clan with a long history of acts that contributed to the Greek Revolution. Nowadays, the hotel offers accommodation in stone-built suites, equipped with antique-like furniture, as well as a traditional restaurant. 

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Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites 

Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites can be found on the majestic islet where the spectacular Byzantine castle town of Monemvasia is located. The elegantly decorated collection of suites offers luxurious accommodation with high aesthetics, where antiques are combined with high-end amenities and a tasteful Italian design. The tile-roofed suites ensure magical views of the sea and a gourmet restaurant with both traditional and modern Greek dishes guarantees an amazing culinary experience. 

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Nikki Beach Resort & Spa 

For beachfront accommodation in Porto Heli, book your accommodation in Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, an international hotel where the innovative concept of luxurious beach clubbing emerged in 1998. Offering access to one of the most beautiful parts of the Greek Riviera, its facilities lie next to the bright blue sea and co-exist harmoniously with the natural scenery of the area. The hotel’s elegant design is modern and among its facilities there is a spa center and several swimming pools.

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