Travel Online Canadian Visa Application

Need I to sign form and then scan and upload ?

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12) Digital Photo You must follow the specific size.  Check outPhoto Specs.

9) Family Information (IMM5645) You will list all your immediate family members names and birthdates here.  And if they are travelling with you or not.2 page form

Hi! I have read your post and I was wondering if you could help me out on my application. I am trying to apply for a visit visa via online for myself and my daughter who is just 7 months old today. I have several questions:

Hi. Sorry it took long. We were on vacation as well. For your questions:

I am glad to be of help but please be reminded that these are only my experiences. Its still best to coordinate with the Visa Center for urgent enquiries. Thank you and hope youll get your visa as soon as possible. Let me know if youve got it already. Canada is a beautiful place, I want to go back already.

By the way, these are also the same docs you will be needing if you apply through paper application.  And I honestly think, that would be a better idea!

We were requested to submit additional documents, so portal was again opened.  We provided the additional documents.

10) Invitation Letter I just reattached the Invitation Letter same with the Purpose of Travel

Upon submission, you will have to pay the VISA FEE of CAD100.00 or about Php 3,729.00.  You may opt to pay using a credit card which I did.

Waiting game starts after this.  Kindly readour journey here.

There will be message inbox where you can see your correspondence with the CIC.

3. We are actually working on a Spousal Sponsorship (by the way, my partner is in Canada and hes the one sponsoring us, though we havent submitted the final and complete sponsorship, we are almost done with it and we are a bit confused on which to apply first. We are concerned it may complicate either the sponsorship or the visit visa)

1) Application Form IMM5257 (Application for Visitor Visa Made Outside of Canada)  Its a6 page application formyou can download and fill up electronically.

6) Proof of Relationship I submitted all applicants Birth Certificates and our Marriage Certificate.

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Is it necessary to sign on all forms by hand if applying online through gckey.

1) I provided an IMM5713 because I represent my 2 kids. If they dont tell you to sign, you just fill out, save and scan back. If they tell that the form should be a signed one, then you must fill up, save, print, sign then scan.

So there you go!  Easy peasy right.  Contact me if you have any questions on filling up the forms or what documents you need to submit in lieu of what was stated here.

1. Do I need to provide an IMM 5713:Use of a Family Member Representative for Online Applications?

To start your online application, go toApply Onlinepage.  Answer a few questions so youll know if youre eligible or not to apply.  After you finish that eligibility questionnaire, you can proceed now to creating your own account.  All the documents they need from you will be uploaded in this account.  You can choose to upload in one go, or like me, do it one at a time, until it gets completed.

7) Purpose of Travel My brother in law made an invitation letter for us to visit and attend his wedding

5) Passport a Valid Passport is needed on time of your application.  You need to submit the Info Page and all the other pages with your travel stamps.

You can view your application, whether submitted or not, in this portal.  Your application cant be submitted until all the attachments are provided for.  So, what do you need?

Once you log in, all the information referring to your application will be visible.  All the messages and updates are reflected here.

Our journey in getting our Canadian Visa wasnt easy.  It may have taken so long but its actually very convenient to use.

11) Travel History Also reattached the Passport and Travel Stamps File

8) Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (IMM5475) Just to be sure, I indicated my husbands name here.1 page form

The website says for temporary 6mos or less visit visa, it generally doesnt require a medical exam but why is our checklist requiring us to do so? Cant I just use the proof of medical exam we acquired for the sponsorship? That was February 29,2015.

3) As I remember, during the initial submission of your application, medical exam is not needed. They will process your application first, and if they see that you need to submit, then thats the time you need to submit a medical exam. If they are requiring you already, maybe its because you answered something that is related to a Spousal Visa during the initial questionnaire. Im not familiar with the Spousal Visa because I only shared my experience for our Tourist Visa Application.

2) For the credit card, I am pretty sure that it will be okay if you use someone elses credit card.

The portal said I do not need to SIGN any forms since I will be asked for an electronic signature, right? So, does it mean I have to print this form and scan it with my signature?

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Thank you so much for taking time to read my message. Best regards! ?

2. Is it ok to use another family members credit card for the payment? And, how or when can I pay for the application?

Anyway, my real question here is, on the portal I answered YES to the question regarding Medical Exams for the past 12 months, both for me and my baby. Yet, the checklist requires us for an upfront medical exam for this visit visa application We are only applying for 6month or less temporary visit visa, I am wondering if I still have to undergo one again?

4) Use of a Family Member Representative for Online Applications (IMM5713) If you and a family member will be applying together, you must fill up this form and assign who the family member representative will be.  All the family members names and other pertinent details will be indicated here.1 page form

Hi, I am applying online for visitor visa with my family including wife and a baby,and I am required to submit family information and family representative form online.

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2) Use of Representative Form (IMM5476) just to be sure, authorize 1 person to act on your behalf for updates and what nots.This is a 2 page form.

2) Letter of Explanation why their father is not applying for a visa and if he will be joining us for the trip.

These are the basic requirements that an applicant needs to submit.  Once submitted and received by the CIC, they will change the status of the checklist to PROVIDED.  And submission / uploading of documents will be closed.

Certificate of Employment with Income

1) Birth Certificate of our kids I included our Marriage Contract as well.

13) Schedule 1 Application for Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside Canada (IMM5257B1)  This is a declaration form where you will declare the organizations and associations you are affiliated with.a 2 page form

Once your submission is successful, you will receive an email and a message stating that your Online Application has been transmitted.  It will include your Payment Receipt Number.

3) Proof of Means of Financial Support these are legitimate proofs that you have the means to support your pending travel expenses and other needs while in Canada.  The following are some of the documents you may submit: