Travel Guide Masamerey Beach in Sual Pangasinan

Masamerey beach is a coastal fishing community. There are residents who live there so respect their privacy

Boat Rental for nearby island hopping

A trip to the Philippines largestcoal powered plantcan also be arranged. TheSual Power Stationis considered as the most-effective coal-fired power plant in the country.

Masamirey Cove Resort: A Sweet Escape to the Coast…

Travel Guide: Masamerey Beach in Sual, Pangasinan

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6. EXPLORE THEPALBUTANThepalbutanis the pebbled side of Masamerey Beach. There are rock formations to admire here. Great for adventurous souls who want to rough it out. Instagram-worthy, too!

Day 02:07:00 AM Start of Island Hopping / Day tour at Masamirey Cove Resort, lounge at infinity pool12:00 PM Back to Masamerey Beach, Lunch01:00 PM Swimming, snorkeling, stroll around the fishing community03:00 PM Depart from Masamerey to Alaminos City03:30 PM Arrival in Alaminos City04:00 PM Depart from Alaminos City to Manila10:0 PM Arrival in Manila

If you are on a day tour at Masamirey Cove Resort, there are available cabanas and clean restrooms

Since its the again the season of sea, sun, and sand, Im sure most of you are looking for the perfect beach escapade not too far fr…

Masamirey Cove ResortMasamerey, Baybay Norte, Sual PangasinanContact Number: +63 (917) 136 5931Book Here:Facebook Page:Website:

Parking is available at Masamirey Cove Resort

SUGGESTED ITINERARYDAY TOUR11:50 PM Depart from Manila via Victory Liner05:00 AM Arrival in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, take tricycle going to Masamerey05:30 AM Arrival in Masamerey Beach06:00 AM Start of Island Hopping / Chasing Waterfalls / Sual Power Plant12:00 NN Back to Masamerey Beach, Lunch01:00 PM Explore Masamerey Beach Cove, swimming and snorkeling03:00 PM Depart from Masamerey to Alaminos City03:30 PM Arrival in Alaminos City04:00 PM Depart from Alaminos City to Manila10:0 PM Arrival in Manila

4. CHASE WATERFALLSIf you are a fan of chasing waterfalls, there are four falls here for sightseeing.Matico Fallsis the nearest one while Mayaman Falls,Mambaciano, and Mabuclao Falls are also in the area.

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HOW TO GET TO MASAMEREY BEACHIt will take about five to six hours to reach Masamerey Beach from Manila. From Cubao and Pasay, ride a bus going to Alaminos. It is recommended to board a bus that leaves around midnight so you can reach Masamerey by early morning.

WHERE TO EAT IN MASAMEREYSince this destination is still undeveloped, you wont find any restaurants here, except forPana Pana Bar Restaurant of Masamirey Cove Resort, which offers Filipino and continental dishes.

Fringed with colorful fishing boats, powdery sand, and aquamarine waters, Masamerey is a charmingsitiothat is home to a friendly local fishing community. It is off-the-beaten path and not many know about it so its perfect forserene getawaysandrelaxing vacations.

Alternatively, the residents of Masamerey are very welcoming and some of them offer their homes for tourists or their beachfront lawns for tent pitching. This is the way to go if youre looking for a true immersion within the community.Contact Ate Michelle (). They offer cottages for day tours (Php500) and overnight accommodation (Php1, 200).

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Pangasinan is most famous for theHundred IslandsNational Park, the golden beach ofBolinaoand more recently, theCabongaoan Death Pool. This province up north is a popular choice for those who want to indulge in a quick weekend getaway or a short vacation, because of its proximity to Manila- just about five to six hours by bus.

Are you planning to visit this charming coastal cove up north soon? Share your plans in the comments below!

SitioMasamerey itself is relatively small and can easily be explored on foot.The road going to thesitiois well-paved so you can opt to bring your private vehicle.

You can also ask your homestay host to cook for you

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Additionally, Masamerey Beach can also serve as a jump-off point going to Hundred Islands. Boat rates start at Php3, 000 good for 10-15 persons.

Bring cash as the nearest ATM is in Alaminos City already

hello there, may I answer you…I am from Sual. If you coming from La Union…you opt to ride Dagupan Bus then from Dagupan City you can transfer to Victory Bus or Five Start Bus going Alaminos or Iba Zambales, then just tell the driver to drop you to Sual Town plaza or other option is at Caoyan…then you can rent tricycle going to Masamirey. Have a happy trip =)

Tent pitching is allowed and free along the shore, but be sure to ask permission if you plan to pitch in front of a house

Yearning to punctuate the summer with an idyllic retreat , I, together with my boyfriend, set out on a trip to a sleepy town up north…

Sual might seem sleepy and unassuming at first but it is home to sprawl of cream-colored beaches, clear blue waters, unspoiled waterfalls, tropical islands, and secret coves. One of which is the unexplored coastal cove ofMasamerey Beachin Brgy. Baybay Norte.

No need to pay any environmental or entrance fee for access to the public beach

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Hi! My names Kath and Im from La Union, I was wondering if you know what bus should I take in going to Sual? Thanks! 🙂

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WHAT TO SEE AND DO IN MASAMEREYIf you are a fan of letting time slowly pass by as you lounge by the beach orfrolic under the sun, then Masamerey Beach is perfect for you. Noise is minimal and life is simple here. Here are some recommended things to do and places to visit when in Masemerey.

If you need to go around, negotiate for a chartered trip from tricycles or motorcycles in the area. Find someone to split the fare with since special trips can be notoriously pricey. A tricycle can hold at least 3-4 passengers.

Victory Linerin Cubao has an hourly schedule going to Alaminos starting at 2:00 AM. The last trip leaves at 11:50 PM. Fare is Php 393 per way.

5. ADMIRE THE BEACH FROM AN INFINITY POOLThe gorgeous infinity pool at Masamirey Cove Resort is a great vantage point for admiring the beach cove. There are sun beds and cabanas available for use of guests.

Starts at Php 3,000 per boat, good for 10-15 pax

Php 200 300 per tricycle, per chartered ride

Get off at Brgy. Caoayan, Sual Pangasinan (Bus fare is only Php 373 if you alight here). Tell the conductor to drop you off at the crossing going to Sual Power Plant. From here, you can ride a tricycle going to Masamerey Beach (35-45 minutes, fare is around Php 200-300)

rule. Youll see a lot of signage and trash bins around. Theres a penalty of Php 500 – 2,000 if you violate this ordinance

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The town of Sual strictly enforces a

If you dont want to go through the meticulous trip planning, why not join a day tour to Masamerey Beach viaLeave No Trace Travel and Tours?They can also arrange exclusive overnight tours, depending on your requests and preference.

You can book a room (starts at Php4,800) atMasamirey Cove ResortthroughAirbnb. Not yet signed up on Airbnb?Heres Php1,100 credits for youget started on your bookings!Sign up through this link to start booking.

If you are joining an organized tour,Leave No Trace Travel and Tours() is your best bet!

Snorkeling set is not included in your boat rental fee. Bring your own gears

There are alsosari-saristores in thesitio.

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Based on the 2015 census, Sual has a population of more than 34,000. One of the towns where the Spanish galleon brought their goods for trading back in the day, Sual was part of Labrador town until it was declared independent in May 1805.

WEEKEND TRIP: 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHTDay 0011:50 PM Depart from Manila viaVictory Liner

Day 0105:00 AM Arrival in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, take tricycle going to Masamerey05:30 AM Arrival in Masamerey Beach06:00 AM Check-in at homestay/resort07:00 AM Explore Masamerey Beach Cove, swimming and snorkeling12:00 NN Lunch01:00 PM Chasing Waterfalls / Sual Power Plant04:00 PM Back to Masamerey Beach, swimming and pictorials06:00 PM Dinner08:00 PM Happy Hour!

Cabana rental atMasamirey Cove Resort

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Want to enjoy this magnificent pool without breaking the bank? Opt to visit for a day tour (Php500 entrance fee for adults and Php385 for kids). Cottages are also available for rent (Php500).

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2. LEARN TO FISH LIKE A PROThe destination is nestled in a cove thats home to a local fishing community. Take the time to know the culture and ways of life in this sleepysitio. Indulge into the bounties of the sea as you experience fishing with themanagsigaysor fishermen.

Masamirey Cove Resort: A Sweet Escape to the Coastal Life

If you aim to unravel the secret destinations of Pangasinan, its time you visit thecoastal town of Sual, a first-class harbor municipality next to Alaminos.

You may want to bring your own food and water as theres only one restaurant and resort in the area.

Php 380 390, per person, per way

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GETTING AROUND MASAMEREYTake note that there are no regular tricycles or jeepneys that ply the route going toSitioMasamerey.

1. SWIMMING & SNORKELINGYou wont be able to resist the powdery cream sand and the clear blue waters of this beach cove! Spend the day basking under the golden sun or snorkeling under the sea.

To support the local community, its best to buy the freshest seafood catch from themanagsigaysor fishermen of Masamerey themselves. If you opted for a homestay, you can also ask your host to cook for you for a minimal fee.

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Starts at Php 1,200 per cottage (Php500 for a daytrip)

aside from ate michelle meron pa po ba ibang contact diyan? thanks

From Masamerey Beach, you can ride abalutoto visitCabalitian Island, an inhabited island community in Sual. It takes around 20-30 minutes to reach the island from Masamerey. There are beautiful rock formations and a small cave to explore. Tent pitching is allowed in the island and there are also cottages that can be rented. Boat rates from Masamerey toCabalitian Islandstarts at Php 500 for a chartered ride.

The best time to visit is during dry months (November May) but as long as theres no typhoon, you will surely enjoy Masamerey Beach

Aside from Cabalitian Island, the uninhabited islands of Comas, Tori-Tori, and Poro Maya can also be visited.

As always, be a responsible traveler by practicing the

Pangasinan is most famous for the Hundred Islands National Park, the golden beach of Bolinao and more recently, the Cabongaoan Death…

WHERE TO STAY IN MASAMEREYThere is only one resort in the area, theMasamirey Cove Resort(take note of the spelling;Masamereyis what the public beach is called whileMasamireyis the name of the resort), which is owned by the town mayor of Sual.

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Hello! Im Ninay: small-town girl in this vast world.

Theres a reason why Masamerey Beach is dubbed as the Boracay of Pangasinan. The only difference is Masamerey is as rugged and raw as it can get. Theres peace, quiet, and charm.

Get off at Alaminos bus terminal. From the bus terminal, ride a tricycle going to Masamerey Beach (20-30 minutes, fare is around Php 250-350)

Starts at Php 4,800 for two persons with breakfast

Travel Guide: Masamerey Beach in Sual, Pangasinan

Once youve boarded an Alaminos-bound bus, there are two ways to reach Masamerey Beach:

Mirant Services LCC used to own the plant but today, it is owned by Team Energy, a joint venture of Marubeni Corporation and Tokyo Electric Power Corporation. If you are pressed for time, the towering structure can also be seen from the road.