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Climate in Inner Mongolia is very different during the year. Winter is cold and can be very long, with frequent blizzards. Usually summer is short and warm. The climate changes from arid to semi-humid from west to east, and to humid in the northeast. The annual rainfall is 80 – 450 millimeters, also increasing from …


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Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is at high altitude, becoming the Inner Mongolian Plateau which is the second largest plateaus of Chinese top four plateaus. It has a vast prairie in the east and an enormous desert in the west. Yurts are the products of nomadic life. Theyre generally 2.5m high and over 3m wide, with …


Mongolia Travel Guide

– Modern Mongolian food has nothing do with Mongolian barbecue. Learn how the nomads really cook their food – sometimes from the inside out! Mix in a million nomads, extinct volcanoes, dinosaur graveyards and mystic shamans and you know you will have the time of your life! Once here you will find one of the …