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evil Iron dragon, Ancient Ginas rival, and the main antagonist of the Gold Digger universe Son of Krio, and is of the House of Rio. He is one of the Two Brothers that now Run the House of Rio. He is the Father of Uriel and Riodo. Alien from the planet Elysia, and last descendant …



Ross left England in early October 1839, in command of two ships. Ross flagship was the Erebus, and Commander Francis Crozier was in command of the Terror. The men spent the 1840 austral winter in Australia, where Ross read of dUrvilles and Wilkes discoveries. Their experiences convinced him to sail further east before bearing south. …


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Directed by Phillip Roth, featuring Dean Cain, Elizabeth Lackey, Mark A. Sheppard, Grand L. Bush, Dean Biasucci and Craig Wasson. At a new international high security prison for dangerous criminals, dug far inside Antarctic ice, a deadly reptile awakens from within. All the inmates and the team sent in to investigate had better look out. …