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God of War is every bit the over-the-top action game you expect, but its the story and setting that end up stealing the show.

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This compact action-RPG will charm you for days on end.

Nintendo Switch gets an updated version of FIFA 19, but its lacking much of what makes EAs footballing giant special.

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Battletechs brand of mechanized tactics is as deep as it is slow. But with patience and attention, its detailed mechanics and tonal presentation are incredibly rewarding.

Extinction is a clumsy and frustrating game that struggles to put its potential to good use.

Tropical Freeze is another wonderful Donkey Kong Country game, and its better than ever on Switch.

The Invisible Hours is less about solving a murder and more about appreciating the interwoven stories of its compelling characters.

Ship management and naval battles fit neatly into the dark fantasy setting of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.

Nintendo Labo is a great tool for learning and creation, but the games themselves lack lasting appeal.

A meditative, breezy puzzle adventure game thats light on challenge, but likely to stick with you after you finish it.

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Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia makes a hearty meal out of pig-sticking, pillaging, and politics.

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Penny-Punching Princess is a solid, often fun brawler, but its emphasis on grinding and repetition make it too easy to step away from.

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Destiny 2: Warmind is geared toward high-level players, but it offers little in the way of motivation while you grind levels to get to the endgame.

Exciting changes to combat and an endearing narrative see the final chapter in Kazuma Kiryus decade-long saga refine what has made the series great.

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With some smart changes to exploration, discovery, and progression, Far Cry 5 makes engaging and experimenting with its gorgeous open world more exciting than ever.

Frostpunk is a brutal city-survival sim that thrives on forcing you to make tough choices in harrowing scenarios.

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Jaw dropping beauty and a hefty challenge await you in in the hallowed realm of Jotun.

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City of Brass may not be solid gold, but the luster of its well-balanced gameplay loop makes it worth a look.

Fortnite: Battle Royale offers lots of depth with a fun and unique take on the last-person-standing premise.

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Good pacing, engaging mechanics, and an interesting setting help make The Alliance Alive a noteworthy RPG.

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Before the Storm is an impactful prequel that accomplishes something very different than the original Life is Strange.