Germany Travel Guide – Travel to Germany

The other seasons (from March to May and from October to early November) bring fewer tourists. Usually, in April and May the weather can be mild and sunny. On the other hand, between November and early March skies tend to be gloomy and the mercury often drops below freezing (there are only six or eight hours of daylight); in this season, travel to Germany is becoming more and more popular, especially to the ski areas in the Bavarian Alps. Keep in mind that the rain is a possibility in any month, so try to be cautious.

Dsseldorf is internationally renowned for its cosmopolitan culture and is one of Europes main fashion and fair hubs.

Germany is located virtually in the middle of Europe, between Denmark and the North Sea to the north, Czech Republic and Poland to the east, Austria and Switzerland to the south, and France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands to the west, it is formed by 16 states among which the largest are Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Baden-Wrttemberg.

all the year although its climate can be unpredictable. Most people prefer to visit it between May and September (high season) when the sunny days are most likely. A lot of activities are popular in this season, especially outdoor events (hiking, cycling and swimming) and festivals. Cold and wet weather should never be unpredicted in Germany, however: between one-third and one-half of the days each year brings some amount of precipitation. In June and July, school groups filled the major youth hostels, bringing noise and confusion.

The city has an extremely lively arts and culture scene and it is known as the capital of Rhenish joie de vivre.

Germany Travel Guide - Travel to Germany

Germany Travel Guide – Travel to Germany

is actually an excellent option to find out which are those reasons and what to do once there.

Germany is also known for being a green technology leader, both developing and improving it, its main markets are, among others, power generation, material and energy efficiency and sustainable water management.

is one of the most advanced and beautiful countries in the world, it is one of the major economic powers in the European Union and also a technology development leader, there are many reasons that may encourage you to visit this country, so this

The city is the financial heart not only of Germany but also of the European Union, pumping euros into the world economy.

Stuttgart is a cosmopolitan area and it is one of the prominent and well-known German towns.

It is the largest city of Germany and offers a wonderful combination of history, night life, architecture and culture.

Sciences like physics or chemistry are really respectable, for example if we talk about physics there is a name that comes to our minds immediately, Albert Einstein, and with it some others like Max Planck or Max Born. Engineering is not out of the great German accomplishments, automotive industry and also air transportation technology received great influence of the German engineers, for example the first space rocket was developed by Wernher von Braun who also was very important for the success of the US Apollo program.

Germany is a country with a lot of history that had been trough for many troubles to be the successful country that it is now. A country brimming of beauty with fairy tale castles, striking landscapes, artistic churches, and incredible culture. Germany invites you to have an amazing trip with overwhelming attractions. Here we show you the best destinations of Germany.

It is one of Germanys cultural centers, with an amazing array of museums, vibrant art scene and the world-famous Oktoberfest.