evil Iron dragon, Ancient Ginas rival, and the main antagonist of the Gold Digger universe

Son of Krio, and is of the House of Rio.

He is one of the Two Brothers that now Run the House of Rio. He is the Father of Uriel and Riodo.

Alien from the planet Elysia, and last descendant of the Earth super-villain Dr. Ex-Mortis

A former leader of the Were-Wolf clan, Brendan betrayed both the Were-Cheetah clan and his own in a bid for power. He is responsible for the death of the Were-Cheetah clan, including Cheetahs parents.

Array is a super-powered criminal, and later revealed to be a living ancient magic artifact in the Gold Digger universe.

She is the Daughter of Krio. She is of the House of Rio.

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Besides the obvious reasons that the Deamon Mouse would hate a were-cheetah, Britanny is one of the very few that has ever escaped his wrath. This hatred caused the mouse to go to the extent of actually leaving the tomb he called home and chase after her to seek revenge.

Dr. Peachbody has tried to kill Gina and Cheetah multiple times in order to make sure his reality continues to exist.

She is a trained scout for the Dynasty of the Stars, daughter of Xurio, and grand-daughter of Rio and Riel.

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High Priestess of the lost city of gold, El Dorado. Magical and treacherous. She would go to any lengths to claim Stripe from Britanny (Cheetah) Diggers

Britanny (Cheetah) Diggers is a were-cheetah and younger sister of Gina Diggers. If running over his face wasnt bad enough. Her relation with Gina is enough to earn her Akbars hatred.

Moisha Rich is an orphan and is part of the Were-rat trio. She may seem like a teenage apathetic airhead, and to be sure, intellect isnt her strong suit. But Underneath that diffident mallrat talk, however, is highly trained spy and assassin with a passion for protecting the two people closest to her.

His Grandaughter in life, The Lich King returns at one point to Kill Brittany and sacrifice Brittanys daughter Tiffiany to recharge his diminished Aura

Is of member of Crime Syndicate-X, he is also one of syndicate hitmen. He is naturally tends to be much stronger and more agile (not especially fast, but more acrobatic) then the average human being.

Romeo is an orphan and is part of the Were-rat trio, he is a assassin and a the teams hacker. Despite the tough realities of were-rat life, Romeo has somehow maintained an overly romanticized view of the world. When his expectations are crushed-as they often inevitably are-he vents his frustration in overblown speeches. His terrible (if well-intentioned) poetry and dream king personality can get on his friends nerves, but they still appreciate him being the heart/conscience of the group.

Nefarious humanoid alien dog with ambitions to conquer the galaxy. He hails from the planet Kanaria.

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