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Reservations in advance are recommended for up-market restaurants, especially for Friday and Saturday evenings.

Husky dog sledding in Tromso

Tromso snowmobile safari attraction

We suggest choosing the right credit card for spending abroad. Most credit cards will have an additional cost (about 3%) to the bank exchange rates. You can avoid it by obtaining a specialist overseas card that does not add this % and will give you good exchange rates that are better than money exchange bureau rates.

You can get local currency from ATMs at the airport where you land or in the major cities. Be aware that your bank will charge you a service fee and exchange rate fee for the transaction, but this is likely to be less than exchanging money in the UK before you depart. Please note that in Russia exchange bureaus and banks will not except Scottish bank notes.

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The Estonian language is similar to Finnish and is unrelated to Latvian, Lithuanian or Russian. Latvian and Lithuanian are two of the oldest languages, with roots traceable to Sanskrit. This makes them quite challenging to learn, but attempting a few words will put a smile on the local faces. Russians use the Cyrillic alphabet, so reading street signs and tube maps will be a challenge in St Petersburg .

Transfer: Kirkenes Snow Hotel Kirkenes Airport

The lines shown give you an indication of our destinations and are not the exact route used.

Breakfast at the hotel, and time to explore the city before boarding the Hurtigruten voyage north in the evening. The ship will arrive in Tromso at 14.30 and you can board shortly afterwards, departure at 18:30. Accommodation onboard the Hurtigruten in an unspecified outside cabin incl. dinner.

Most restaurants and shops will take credit/debit cards like Visa and Mastercard, however, many places will not accept AMEX.

Our trips are flexible so if you would like any specific requirements, please let us know here.

Skiing Down Hill & Cross Country

We would not recommend you to take public transportation within the city, as its usually crowded and it may cause you unnecessary anxiety about where to stop.

2 nights accommodation at Clarion Collection Hotel With or similar, Tromso incl. breakfast

Tromso history, attractions and activities

Sami tent experience in Tromso

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The day is free to explore the city and the surrounding area. Try some winter activities such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, a traditional Saami dinner, fjord fishing, downhill or cross country skiing. We can provide you with a list of optional tours and activities. Accommodation at the Clarion Collection Hotel With or similar incl. breakfast.

Breakfast onboard. After an early call at Hammerfest you arrive in Honningsvg, the largest fishing village in Finnmark and doorway to the wonders of the spectacular North Cape, mainland Europes northernmost point at 71 north. There is a 3 hour guided tour to North Cape, between 12:00 – 15:00. Accommodation onboard the Hurtigruten in an unspecified outside cabin.

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However, if you plan totravel to Russia, you will need a visa, which we can help organise for you.

from 2,445 ppArctic Highlights & Ice Hotel

4 hrs snowmobile safari incl. lunch

Travellers cheques are difficult to cash, so we recommend not to use them.

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Facts on the Sami people: Culture, history & locality

Package price isfrom 2,695 per personbased on availability and two people sharing a standard twin or double room.

Norway skiing, resorts & attractions

In Northern Sweden, the Northern Lights usually occurduring the winter months through late March or early April, but they can be spotted as early as September in the Northernmost parts. Your best chance of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights is on cold winter nights when the sky is clear and cloudless. You need to be away from city lights, which dilute the effects of these natural phenomena, so head out into the countryside. On clear nights, the Northern Lights can be visible from most locations in Swedish Lapland, occurring between 6 pm to and 2 am, with the strongest shows happening between 10 pm and 11 pm. For those willing to brave the cold on winter nights, here are some of the best locations in Swedish Lapland for viewing these phenomena:

There are several mobile operators in each Baltic country, the Nordics ( Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland incl. Iceland and Greenland as well asPoland, Ukraine and Russia.If you have an international connection, there shouldnt be any problems with your incoming and outgoing calls.

Tromso snowmobile safari attraction

The beautiful, wooden Cabins next to the Snow Hotel are available year round and located to supplement your stay in the Ice Hotel. Built in true, original Finnmark style for cosyness and simple living, is a perfect stay to combine with watching the Northern Lights out of the huge windows or indeed the rich wildlife around the Ice Hotel in Kirkenes.

4 hrs snowmobile safari incl. lunch

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After a night spent in a sleeping bag in the Snow Hotel, a traditional sauna is available for hotel guests. All Kirkenes Snow Hotel overnighters will receive the Coolest Certificate! At 09:30 transfer to Kirkenes airport for a return flight.

Airport or ferry terminals in most cases will have the worst money exchange rates, so if you must get it from the airport, pre-order money for pick-up to get a better rate.

This tour provides an opportunity for a comprehensive Arctic holiday. Your tour starts in Tromso, home of the worlds northern most university and a great place to see the Northern Lights. Your journey continues by Hurtigruten, the famous Norwegian coastal cruise line, to Kirkenes where you will stay overnight in the Snow Hotel. On the route you will also stop at the North Cape. The trip will allow you to experience a range of winter activities from dog sledding and snowmobiling to king crab fishing.

2 night accommodation at Clarion Collection Hotel With, Tromso incl. breakfasts

2 nights Hurtigruten cruise: Tromso Kirkenes

1 night accommodation at the Gamme Cabin, Kirkenes

The northern lights – or Aurora Borealis as it is officially known – actually occur all year round, but cannot be seen during the summer months in Greenland due to the midnight sun. The phenomenon is often seen around midnight and is best experienced on a dark, clear night in the periodfrom September to the beginning of April. If you are travelling during this period, you can see the Northern Lights from anywhere in the country, whilst in South Greenland the northern lights can be seen from as early as the end of August.

Attractions in Kirkenes, Finland

At 13.00 you will be picked up at the hotel for a King Crab Safari, followed by lunch in the local fishermans home. The fisherman will take you to his historic home from where the fishing trip to the fjord starts. You will be given warm winter clothing: overalls, winter boots, mittens. Also, as youll be a passenger in a sledge pulled by the snowmobile, you will have a helmet. During the tour everyone takes part in sawing the hole in the ice. The big catch, king crab, will be served for lunch at the fishermans home. The superb, white meat of the legs and claws is particulary juicy and has a naturally sweet taste. One king crab leg is enough to provide a grown man with a filling meal. The presentation is simple, but the taste is in a league of its own when it comes to seafood. Please note that this tour is not done by divers or by boat.Duration 3 to 4 hours.

I am back home in Glasgow after a wonderful trip. I just wanted to say thank you for all your work. Everything went amazingly well and, apart from a wee glitch with the Kirkenes taxi, things worked very efficiently. The people at the dog sledding were really nice and the day was such fun – likewise the Northern Lights Chase. We found them! More light shows were seen from the ship rounding off a great few days. I shall certainly be back and Im already telling my friends about you.

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17:00 09:00 Kirkenes Snow Hotel Experience

Traveling Around Norway Train, Ferry, Car, Hurtigruten

Transfer: Hurtigruten terminal Rica Arctic Hotel

Traveling Around Norway Train, Ferry, Car, Hurtigruten

Abisko National Park, a couple of kilometers north of Kiruna, is a prime location for viewing the Northen Lights. The scientifically proven blue hole a patch of sky over the Tornetrsk lake that usually remains clear despite overcast weather in surrounding areas gives Abisko its own micro-climate, which is suitable for catching the lights.

Flights on SAS Scandinavian Airlines or Norwegian Air

As mentioned, Lapland is the best place to see the Finland Aurora Borealis, with the Kilpisjarvi area offering the most abundant opportunities. The best time of the day to see the Finland Northern Lights is between 9 pm and 11:30 pm, though they are certainly not restricted to this time frame.

Sleigh Ride in North Norway

At 13.00 your guide will meet you at the reception and take you for your snowmobile safari. You will get a lesson on how to handle the snowmobile and will be provided with an appropriate Arctic gear. When ready, youll travel by snowmobiles across the polar landscape with your guide. There will be two people to a snowmobile, and drivers can change at stops made on the way. An outdoor lunch and coffee break is made during the trip. The total length of the trip is approximately 50 kilometers and depends on the weather conditions. Duration 4 hours.

King Crab Safari in Kirkenes

For your holidays toNorway,Iceland,Sweden,Denmark,Finland,Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania,Poland, SlovakiaorUkraine, youwill not need a visaif you have a valid passport from any EU country, Australia, Canada, USA, Japan (there are more, so check with us to make sure). Please note that your passport should be valid for at least six months after the date of your return.

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17:00 22:00 Hunting The Northern Lights with Huskies

Norway skiing, resorts & attractions

Transfer: Tromso Airport Clarion Collection Hotel With

Facts on the Sami people: Culture, history & locality

Thelocal currencies are (alphabetic order):

At 17:00, your guide will meet you at the reception and take you to the Snow Hotel. Welcome drink in the Snow Bar and a chance to meet some reindeer. The evening continues with a 3-course diner at the nearby wooden restaurant by a cosy fireplace, featuring some Arctic fare.

Dining opportunities are plenty, from ethnic to exotic. We would suggest you to try some national dishes and get a real taste of the region. Note that most traditional dishes contain meat and are fairly heavy, but very tasty.

13:00 17:00 Snowmobile Safari

The Kirkenes snow hotel, Norway

3 – 4 hrs king crab safari incl. lunch

We never allow third parties to use your data and we do not keep financial information. We protect your data as if it was our own, because were people too!

We never allow third parties to use your data and we do not keep financial information. We protect your data as if it was our own, because were people too!

Return flights from London Gatwick on Norwegian Airlines (other UK airports upon request)

We have returned safely from our Norway trip and had a fantastic time! Everything went very well and we would like to thank you so much for all the organising that you did – especially at such short notice for our second trip! We were very happy with the hotels – the Thon in Kirkenes is in a beautiful location and we were really pleased that you booked us into that one. The husky sledging was wonderful and was one of the highlights. We also enjoyed the snow shoeing and the King Crab fishing – what a wonderful taste that crab is! The Snow Hotel was a real experience and we are pleased that we stayed there. We also saw the Northern Lights from there although it was not as clear as it had been the night before. We missed them that night as we had waited outside for 1.5hours and then they appeared when we went inside – typical!. At least we saw them on the last night though – they are really magical! We met lots of interesting people! We had great pleasure in singing your praises and telling them how efficient you had been and how we could certainly recommend your company.

Transfer: Hurtigruten terminal Gamme Cabins

We aim to be in contact with you within 24 hours of receiving this form.

Eagle Watching / Bird Watching In Norway

Photographing the Northern Lights

Tipping-many of the up-market establishments will let you know how good their service is by including it on the bill. Rounding up the bill is usually sufficient, unless you feel your server deserves an extra bit of recognition.

13:00 17:00 King Crab Safari & Lunch

Emergency telephone number for the police, ambulance services or fire department in Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Poland – 112.

We recommend checking with your bank what fees/interest rates will be applied to your card when using it abroad in order to make an educated decision on what card to use.

2 nights accommodation on Hurtigruten cruise: Tromso Kirkenes

After enjoying the pulsating cultural and urban life of Troms, theHurtigruten cruisewill take you for an unforgettable journey further up north along the Norwegian coast line. When you thought this winter experience couldnt be more maximized check in atAlta Igloo Hotel a hotel completely built by snow and ice.

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This tour is inNorwayand is aWinter HolidayCruiseNorthern LightsActivity HolidayIndividual TourChristmas HolidaySolo TravellerAnniversaryBoys TripandGirls Trip

The best place to see the Northern Lights in Finland is in the Northern Lapland region, which is almost entirely located within the realm of the Arctic Circle.During the dark winter monthshere, when the sun rarely peaks its head over the horizon, you can expect to see the Finland Northern Lights with regularity, and otherpeak seasons include February through March and September through October. The most common colours of the Northern Lights are greenish-yellow and red.

Tromso history, attractions and activities

Railway mostly serves domestic routes and is used as an easy and quick way to get from the capital to major cities of the country. There are some international routes, like to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but time spent on the way will be quite long.

This is a once in a lifetime Arctic adventure, far removed from civilization, in Svalbard. Hiking alongside the coastline, you will learn about the fauna and flora of Spitsbergen. You will see Arctic wildlife such as reindeer and Arctic foxes and if you are lucky, a glimpse of the King of the Arctic, thepolar bear.

In Norway, the area north of the Arctic Circle is prime aurora territory. The various destinations in the High North have a distinct personality, and are well worth exploring. Major places in Northern Norway are Troms, Kirkenes, Alta, Bod, Lofoten and Vesterlen Islands and Svalbard.

(outside cabin incl. full board – 2 dinners, 1 lunch and 2 breakfasts)

In case your phone doesnt work, please check in the local mobilephone shops and you can buy Calling cards etc. or ask in your hotel, they should be able to advise you too.

Eager huskies will take you to the deeper wilderness. En route you will have several stops to watch the polar sky: maybe the Northern Lights will appear tonight? A dinner will be served at the end of the tour. The tour operates by two people sharing a sledge. Accommodation in a Gamme Cabin incl. breakfast.

Husky safari in search of the Northern Lights incl. dinner

Kirkenes Snow Hotelis a beautiful piece of snow architecture and sculpture in the Arctic nature. The hotel has 20 suites, ice sculptures and live reindeer. The Snow Hotel is situated walking distance from Kirkenes in Gabba, a reindeer safari park. Big luggage can be stored in the luggage room. Long underwear, pullovers, hat and socks are needed.

1 piece of check-in luggage per traveler (up to 20 kg)

The Finnish term for the Northern Lights, Revontulet, meaning fox fire, comes from an old tale where the fox was believed to swish its bushy tail on the snowy fell landscapes, throwing sparks into the air.

Upon arrival in Tromso, private transfer to the Clarion Collection Hotel With or similar for 2 nights stay. Tromso is the worlds most northern university town, and the largest city in the Nordic countries north of the Arctic Circle. The city lies between the sharp craggy peaks of the Lyngen Alps, and combines wild scenery with urban life. Sights of interest are the Polar Museum, Northern Light Planetarium, Arctic Cathedral and Troms Museum. Accommodation at the Clarion Collection Hotel With or similar incl. breakfast.

Buses are one of the most convenient ways to travel between the Baltic States. Eurolines will get you between Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn. One way tickets will cost 15 – 20 and approximate travel time is 5 hours between the cities. Ticket reservations in advance are recommended.

Transfer: Tromso Airport Clarion Collection Hotel With

We would like to go back – perhaps taking in the Hurtigruten next time.

Husky safari in search of the Northern Lights incl. dinner

The Northern Lights are in the Northern skyfrom September through Aprilbut are only visible when the sky is clear and free of clouds. Like many of natures wonders, its ephemeral they may be visible, they may appear for a bit and then be gone. But its worth it to be patient. Because theyre a winter event, you need to be prepared to wait outside, while looking for them. Its best to dress very warmly, in layers, with good footwear, gloves, hats and whatever else will make you comfortable while you await this truly amazing event. The Northern Lights can be pretty spectacular, and for the best photos we recommend using a tripod. Much of Iceland offers a very a good chance to see the Northern Lights when conditions are right. Remember the Northern Lights are natural phenomena, not guaranteed, but appreciated all the more for their elusive qualities.

Travel insurance is required and also advisable. If you do not have a valid policy, please check our Insurance link on the bottom of our homepage or We can offer quotes for all nationalities.

Transfer: Kirkenes Snow Hotel Kirkenes Airport

from 2,095 ppArctic Experience in Svalbard

Stamps are available in the post offices and in most newspaper kiosks. Approximate price for a stamp to European Union countries will vary but between appx. 0.30 to 0.70. Youll see post boxes on the streets or you can ask hotel representative to send your post card, theyll gladly help you.

This map uses Google Maps, so you can zoom and interact with it as we hope it is familiar to you.

Just returned from such a well organised holiday thank you so much. Weather could have been a little kinder but managed to see a light show one evening, another box ticked. Thank you, I will happily recommend your company to one and all, yours Gwen

Credit cards charge you interest rates, but some debit cards (bank account cards) could have fees that could add up to 1.50 every time you spend.

Taxis are the quickest and most convenient way of travelling round the city. Youll find them locatedclose to the main hotels. Usually its quite easy to catch a taxi on the street, however, its much better and safer to order one by phone. Taxi costs in all of the Baltic countriesand Polandare approximately the same and a ride in the centre of the city will cost you approx 5 – 7. Taxis in Finland and Russia are considerably more expensive. It is always a good idea to get your hotel to book a taxi for you and ask approximately how much the trip will cost before you get in.

Northern Norway is one of the worlds best places to experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). In Northern Norway, Northern Lights occur in up to 90% of every clear night in the periodfrom late September to late March. Most Northern Lights occur in the time span from 6pm to slightly after midnight, with an absolute peak at around 10-11pm.

Breakfast onboard. The vistas become more dramatic as the ship approaches the finale of the northbound voyage, here in the far reaches of Europe. Benefiting from the warm currents of the Gulf Stream, this region is rich in sea life and the coast is largely ice free in winter, allowing ships access to most harbours. At 09:00 youll reach Kirkenes, from where the emotive border with Russia lies a few kilometres away. Disembark the ship and transfer to Gamme Cabins situated close to the Kirkenes Snow Hotel.

1 night accommodation at the Rica Arctic Hotel, Kirkenes

Clarion Collection Hotel With is a 3 to 4 star hotel located downtown Troms facing the sea and the mountains. Hotel is within walking distance of the Polar Museum, located on the waterfront in the historic Skansen area.

1 night stay at Kirkenes Snow Hotel incl. dinner and breakfasts

Eagle Watching / Bird Watching In Norway

You will be able to communicate quite well with the locals, as most people in the service industry are quite adept at speaking English. If English doesnt work, then try Russian (if you can), or German. The further you go from the major cities, the less English you will hear. However, do not let the language barrier keep you from exploring the beauty of the country side. We can always arrange English speaking guides to accompany you wherever you wish to go.

Not only does the village of Jukkasjrvi (population roughly 541) boast the worlds first ice hotel (rebuilt ever year from Torne River ice), its also one of the best regions to view the Northern Lights. ICEHOTEL organizes guided tours for guests which takes the to the Esrange Space Center located 30 minutes from Kiruna. You can dine at a wilderness camp and get the chance to scan the Arctic winter sky for aurora borealis.

Internet access is available at Internet Cafs, which mostly are located in the central part of the city. Most hotels have internet access.

Jukkasjrvi and the Torne Valley

1 night accommodation at Kirkenes Snow Hotel incl. dinner and breakfast

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As mentioned earlier, if weather conditions are just right (clear, dark, cold, and cloudless), you might catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights from any location within subarctic and arctic Sweden even close to larger towns such as Lule, Jokkmokk, Arvidsjaur, and Gllivare.

Greenland uses 911 and for mobile phones only 112.

(unspecified outside cabin incl. 2 dinners and 2 breakfast)