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As late as 2 million to 10,000 years ago Palawan was believed to be connected by land bridges to borneo, the island to the south was shared by Malaysia and Indonesia and regions far away as india and southchina. Geogologist in fact assert Palawan was a hefty chunk that broke off an entirely different geological …


South America Travel

Surrounded by alabaster beaches, this gleaming gem of a metropolis offers a bottomless list of exciting opportunities. To call Rio de Janeiro scenic would be an absolute understatement, and coupled with fine cuisine, excellent nightlife, and unparalleled shopping; its no wonder Rio de Janeiro is at the top of many travelers lists. Historic and iconic, …



How many times have you traveled to Japan? Crossing Kyushu half a year after the Kumamoto Earthquake Overnight Stay: From 19,000 yen per person including two mealsThe views of Mount Yufu from Musoens outdoor baths are considered among Yufuins best. The ryokan is located slightly above town to the south and has large, attractive baths …